Multimedia Stories by Students

 Each year, students in Mrs. Sandra Brown’s class participate in the Young Authors Program.  The students write a true story about a personal experience.  Students use the Six Traits for Writing and are required to make several revisions of their stories. 

 To make the program unique, the students write only the beginning and the middle of their stories.  Then many celebrity co-authors complete their stories.  This makes the writing activity fun and exciting.  This year two of the co-authors were Dan Carpenter, Indianapolis Star columnist, and Jim Shella, WISH TV State House reporter.

 Mrs. Brown decided this year to take the writing lesson to the next level.  After the stories were completed and published in bound blank books, she contacted Miss Alex Burton, a Ball State senior, who was majoring in Graphic Design.  Alex agreed to visit Mrs. Brown’s classroom and work with the fifth grade students to create their multimedia stories.  The stories would contain their original text, video, photos, sound effects, narration, and hand drawn illustrations.  The students used iBook Author, a mobile app released in February 2012.  Some students even used the Puppet Pals app on their iPads to create unique videos.

 The students were very excited to create their first multimedia storybooks to be viewed on their personal iPads.  To see the PDF versions of the books use the buttons at the end of this posting.  The PDF versions do not include the multimedia elements, but with an IPad you can download the iBook Author app and view the books in their multimedia form.  We hope that you enjoy reading these storybooks as much as the students enjoyed creating them.


Read a story called “Racing For Red,” by Zach

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Read a story called “Road Trip Disaster by Isabelle and guest author Dan Carpenter from the Indy Star

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