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General Information

Allisonville Elementary is located at 4900 E. 79th Street, Indianapolis, IN. We are home to 650 students in grades K- 5, one of eight elementary schools in Washington Township. Students are supported in their education by 45 highly qualified teachers and 35 instructional assistants. At Allisonville, we have pride in ourselves and our school by showing the Allisonville Alligator Way, where we are always Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.
We are the Gators; We are AV!

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Academic & Extracurricular Program Offerings

At Allisonville, we offer many academic opportunities for our students through differentiated instruction in literacy, math, and content areas. Our high-ability program begins in third grade using a cluster grouping model. Our Specials classes include art, physical education, media, music, and technology. We have after-school clubs where students can gain additional enrichment in robotics, chess, Rube Goldburg, art, Reading Mania, sports, choir, and more. Student Ambassadors and Student Librarians also play important roles throughout our school to help facilitate school-wide events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allisonville’s enrollment policy?
As a traditional public school, Alllisonville has an open enrollment policy and proudly provides high-quality education for all students. We welcome students at any time; however, we encourage families to take advantage of natural transition times to make it easier for the student. Registration information can be found on our district website.
What are your standard school day hours?
Hours of academic operation for Washington Township elementary schools are Monday-Friday, 7:50 am-2:35 pm. For families with students of different educational levels, our middle school hours are 9:20 am-4:20 pm, and our high school hours are 8:30 am-3:30 pm.
Does Allisonville offer before and after-school care?
Through a long-standing partnership with At Your School (AYS), before and after-school care is available at all eight elementary schools. Participants experience a balance of academic and social development opportunities each day. Along with AYS, various after-school clubs and activities are offered at different times throughout the school year. These include athletics, music, art, academic teams, STEM clubs, and more!
What is the average number of students in each classroom?
Class sizes can vary by grade level. We typically have 22-24 students per classroom. We have five classrooms per grade level.
What are Allisonville’s school safety policies?

Keeping students safe is paramount at all Washington Township Schools. External doors remain locked, and school resource officers are assigned to service each building. Staff and visitors carry a district-issued ID while in our school.

At Allisonville, we practice the Allisonville Alligator Way, where we are Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. Students can earn Gator Gold for demonstrating these values.

We are:

  • Respectful: to ourselves, others and property
  • Responsible: for our actions and following expectations
  • Safe: towards ourselves and others at our school
We are the Gators, We are AV!

If you are interested in learning more about Allisonville, please contact:
Mrs. Mary Beth Reffett, Principal
(317) 845-9441

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