Destination Imagination

May 24, 2016 at 14:45

Kelsey Funk

Early in second semester, Emily Hodson, a fifth grade teacher at Allisonville Elementary School took seven students on a trip to Churubusco, Indiana to compete in the Destination Imagination tournament. Destination Imagination is a unique program that is designed to teach Indiana students the process of turning imagination to innovation. The program offers challenges in various fields of study such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Mathematics where students are encouraged to think outside of the box in a project-based, team-oriented environment to come up with unique solutions.  


The Allisonville Elementary team participated in the “Musical Mashup” tournament where they were presented the challenge of designing and building a structure that both supports weight and serves as a musical instrument. The group of seven spent hours working together and collaborating on ideas to successfully create a dual-purpose structure that met the strength and utility requirements of the challenge. In order to prove that they beat the challenge, the group was asked to perform a musical solo and to tell a story using one musical character with the integration of weight placement testing of the structure. After that, the group created and presented “Two Choice Elements” that show off the team’s interests, strengths, and talents.


Allisonville Elementary is proud to announce that their team placed 2nd for the “Central Challenge” and 1st for the “Instant Challenge,” in the first part of the competition. 

In May, the Destination Imagination team moved onto the state competition. Their instrument failed to serve as a musical instrument which took the team to 33rd place. However, the team place 15th out of 76 for the instant challenge! Congratulations to the Destination Imagination team for all your hard work! 


Allisonville Destination Imagination Team getting acknowledged at Board Meeting

Allisonville Destination Imagination Team getting acknowledged at Board Meeting


Allisonville’s Destination Imagination Team

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